Tutorials Introduction

My tutorials will predominantly focus on the following:

  • Coding
  • Linux
  • Virtual Worlds (Opensimulator)

I have made tutorial videos for virtual worlds for many years. However, as I start my teaching career, I am making an effort to make them more professional. Therefore, there will be written and video versions of most tutorials. In addition to the direct topic, I will create supporting videos. For example, in the Python Beginners series, one discusses choosing an IDE for Python. That extra support includes videos to help set those IDEs up.

My older tutorials are available by searching my blog or my YouTube channel . In addition, the older virtual world tutorials are available on the Fire And Ice Grids YouTube channel. I will only add content to this page as I create or update it.

Linux Tutorials

Comming Soon, watch this space!

Virtual World Tutorials

Comming Soon, watch this space!