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C# Intermediate series introduction is aimed at people who have taken their first steps in C# and wish to expand their knowledge.

The beginner's series covered IDE choices, getting started, console input and output, selection (if/else if/else) and switch statements, and then finished with loops.

If any of those are not familiar to you, then please see the beginners series. The intermediate series begins with creating methods. Then, It will dive into Object Orientated Programming (OOP), giving a theoretical overview and practical tutorials.

In addition to coding, this series will dive deeper into some differences between coding in Visual Studio, JetBrains Rider and Visual Studio code. Like the previous series, it will primarily focus on using top-level statements. However, as this series introduces methods and classes, the difference between the classical look and top-level statements becomes more apparent, as do some IDE choice differences.

The theoretical side will supply background information about the differences between passing by value and passing by reference but will not cover returning by reference. It will cover the basics of Object Orientated Programming (abstraction, encapsulation, polymorphism and inheritance). Inheritance will only cover single-parent inheritance since.


This is a new series and will be populated as it grows

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